About Us

Bright and Curly has been created for all curly girls, whether you have waves, loose curls, tight ringlets or gorgeous coils.
Starting Perth's first curly hair only salon, our founder Rita Semedo works with waves, curls and coils everyday!
She has worked with and tested multiple product ranges across several brands, not only on her clients but on her own curly hair. It is this experience that has seen the creation of Bright & Curly - Perth's first curly hair only products destination.
With a focus on carefully chosen, high quality products that meet the Curly Girl Method (CGM) requirements, there isn't a product in stock that we don't personally recommend. Products are Sulfate and Silicone free, without harsh alcohols or waxes...unless clearly stated otherwise. 
We're big on HOW you use products, so have included our personal recommendation on each product description. You can shop for your curls with confidence, know what to expect and how to get the most out of your hair goodies.
Postage Australia Wide or Click and Collect available in Perth.